Services We Provide

Financial Management

  • Management of day to day operations
  • Financial reporting to clients, accountants, attorneys, etc.
  • Review insurance needs
  • Marketing of all commodities
  • Handle all FSA paperwork
  • Assist in transition to heirs

Land Management & Conservation

  • Evaluate, improve and maintain terraces, waterways, buffer strips, CRP & grazing
  • Analyze the property and utilize potential federal & state programs to improve your property
  • Manage all improvement projects on site
  • Work with local agronomist, professionals & the tenant to evaluate, improve and maintain the fertility of your property to make it the most productive


  • Work in partnership with current tenant or find a new tenant to bring your property to its potential
  • Negotiate annual written leases
  • Work with the tenant to design cropping plans & budgets

Mineral, Wind & Solar Management

  • Lease negotiations
  • Right-of-way & Easement negotiations
  • Project site management and reclamation oversight
  • All finacial accounting


1. Who do you manage property for? We currently manage agricultural, mineral & wind assets for 35 different clients both local and absentee.

2. Where do you manage property? We currently manage property in South Central Kansas and North Central Oklahoma.